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Twinkles-&-Tassels Balloon Store

Get Payments instantly from your eCommerce store

Get Payments Online

Get real-time payments credited to your account with a Secured IPG.

Take your website to the next level by integrating Internet Payment Gateways and make your online transactions quick and convenient for your customer.

Do you know?

eCommerce Websites are the trend setting for people who like to shop Online. Showcase all your product range in one platform and increase sales in 80%.

What you get

Showcase all products

Customers want to know their products thoroughly before buying. For eg, when you buy a dress you want to know what fabric has been used, the dimesions of the dress etc.

Your products are amazing, which is why they deserve descriptions and photographs that not only tell, but also show, customers just how incredible they are! The combination of detailed images and solid descriptions will effectively demonstrate the value of your merchandise.

With SilverFox you can get this done in just a single click. You can even go the extra mile and suggest additional products that go with the one your customer is considering buying. So when you choose to view a dress, you get to check out footwear, and accessories that compliment it. This is a great way to promote and cross sell your products.

Seamless browsing

Give the best visual impression to your customers on entire products range. There are best practices to take into account that are constantly and considerably disregarded.

This happens mainly because there are still people who don’t really understand the real reasons why those practices exist and are so vigorously endorsed.

Our goal here at SilverFox is to make sure you are absolutely happy with what we are creating for you so if something is off definitely say something.

We’re more than happy to make things perfect for you.

At SilverFox we work primarily with small and mid-size companies looking to leverage modern digital marketing strategies to grow theirbusiness.

eCommerce Website for Online Sellers and stores

SilverFox will design and develop a powerful eCommerce platforms with providing complete hosting and site optimization solutions – all the basic elements to start a small, successful online business on your own.

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Webistes for Established businesses

Businesses that have been around awhile often need a fresh start reevaluating the new market trends and opportunities to refocus their offerings and stay competitive. SilverFox has extensive expertise in re-branding established companies and establishing a trend setting position in the market.

Websites for Entrepreneurs and Startups

It’s in the nature of many entrepreneurs to try to do everything by themselves. Silverfox will help to make every precious penny in your marketing budget work smarter and harder. You do what you do best and we’ll do what we do best – put well-funded startup companies on the map to grow more business opportunities with huge growth potential.

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