The Legacy Health Group was founded in 2004 as a medical billing service organization dedicated to serving the true needs of ambulatory surgery centers, physicians, clinics and urgent care centers in USA.


While Legacy was initially formed to meet the medical billing requirements of small-to-mid-sized physician practices, Legacy Health planned on serving many large medical groups, ASC’s and surgical hospitals in the USA.

SilverFox created plan of action with a exemplary website to achieve a long-term aim promoting Legacy’s professional services with a customer centric design while giving prominence in promoting more of the the products and services to educate the hospitals, physicians and medical practices in USA who are in needed of the medical billing services.

Legacy employs industry standards to create reliable performance metrics and attainable benchmarks combined with expertise coding compliance.

Legacy Health


The launch of the new Legacy Healthcare website established a new content driven winning strategy providing information about the tools and insights to achieve business objectives.

Their new website now supports and promotes increased interaction with physicians, hospitals and medical practices in USA promoting proper alignment on objectives and targets which leads to resulting new business opportunities with improved workflow combined with powerful reporting with less turnaround time resulting in improved accounts receivables and cash flow for all medical practices.