eMedic-Web Designers in Sri-Lanka


EMEDICS is one of the Specialist training organization and a leading provider for Pre Hospital Emergency Care courses in Sri Lanka. Their main focus is that to educate the community that many emergencies are preventable with the right treatment which can help saving a life from a life threatening situation. eMedics team however wanted a website to showcase the different types of services that they offer for the local community.


SilverFox provided a comprehensive website showcasing all the active staff profiles and the different courses offered by the eMedics American Safety Health Institute focusing on driving students, corporate and government organization to take part in emergency training programs.

At the end of each course the student also has the ability to view their test results and the transcripts through  a secured login portal.


With the new website eMedics team has gained momentum on capturing the attention of many corporates and government institutions where the organizations probe their staffs to get trained to act on all emergency situations which can save one or many lives.