What is a CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) is a powerful Web application which makes content creation, editing and maintenance of web pages easy. In a nutshell, it is all about geting the right website you want with saving your time, money and  your effort.

Get the right CMS solution from SilverFox and you can be on the move with a highly efficient content management system for your website which you can simply maintain even by yourself.

Content Management Systems

Here are few Platforms we work with!

WordPress Sri Lanka

WordPress is a Poweful Content Management system used as a Web based Applicatoin which makes your daily website updates much easy.

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Opencart Sri Lanka

Opencart is a great online eCommerce Solution that was build to make life much more easier for Merchants and customers which is simple and light weight solution that is suitable for many eCommerce businesses in Sri Lanka.

Site owners will have full access to Source Codes, cPanel and all related files when you work with SilverFox.

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Prestashop Sri Lanka

Yet another powerful e eCommerce Solution to crank up your Online business. Prestashop contains more powerful and it is ideal or Enterprise level merchants who sells online

Compared to Pricing, Prestashop is expensive than Opencart due to its complexity in Development due to it powerful features.

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